Stage 2

Building Stroke Foundations

Learn to Swim Stage 2

Swim England Learn to Swim Stage 2 sees swimmers develop streamlining to their strokes and travel without their feet on the floor, using a recognised leg kick.

Swimmers are also introduced to aquatic breathing and taught to make safe entries into the water, including jumping.

They will develop basic floating and learn how to rotate to regain an upright position without support. All travel must be achieved without the use of flotation equipment, though buoyancy aids may be used when swimmers aren’t travelling.

Stage 2 further develops water confidence and teaches swimmers to breathe confidently while in the water.

Being confident with the face in the water, or having water on the face, is crucial to stroke development. Learning to be happy in the water at an early stage will allow swimmers to develop other skills more quickly later on.

This stage also introduces various safety skills, such as being able to float, while also developing a swimmer’s kicking ability, leading to independent travel in water.

Learn to Swim Stage 2 Outcomes

By completing the Learn to Swim Stage 2 Award, swimmers will be able to:

Learn to Swim Stage 2 Video

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